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ANKARA, October 12 – Gays in Turkey have today claimed a victory in their bid to save the

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... paedophiles – by a 23-years-old gay city councillor who is also a ...Gay and Lesbian Laws Turkey TR .

02/03/2011 By Jive Turkey

.. Every man between 20 and 41 years old is required to serve at least six months. Exemptions are granted only under two conditions: a mental or ...Gay hotel accommodation in Istanbul, SultanahmetGay Vacations, Tours And Travel To Turkey. Spirit Journeys offers fantastic gay travel, vacations, tours & gay retreats

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. For more information, visit ...Turkey - The Place For Your Next Gay Vacation. Spirit Journeys offers fantastic gay travel, vacations, tours & gay retreats. For more information, visit SpiritJourneys.

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...Soul-Searching in Turkey After a Gay Man Is Killed. For Ahmet Yildiz, a stocky and affable 26-year-old, the choice to live openly as a gay man proved deadly. ..

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.Weekly gay and lesbian friendly boat trips to Greek Islands from Bodrum, Turkey including Kos, Nisiros, Tilos, Rhodos, Symi IslandsWas Ahmet Yildiz the victim of Turkeys first gay honour killing? ... But the changes have brought a backlash from traditionalist circles wedded to the old regime. ..

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.Then he received a more chilling death threat -- for being gay -- so he sold his home in Baghdad ... Now the 28-year-old from a middle class family shares a small apartment in ...Ahmet Yidlz, a 26 year-old old gay man, was murdered in Turkey last week in what some are

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... For gay rights groups, the students inability to get protection was ...

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